Organically Grown in Oregon Week

September 15th - 21st 2013 has been declared Organically Grown in Oregon Week (OGOW) by Governor John Kitzhaber. Governor Kitzhaber's action came at the request of the Oregon Organic Coalition, which will coordinate an agenda of activities throughout the week, all designed to celebrate Oregon's organic agriculture.  View the list of events scheduled as part of this celebration.

Governor's Proclomation

"Whereas Oregon's organic agricultural trade is a vital segment of Oregon's economy. Oregon ranked fifth in the nation for its number of organic farms, with more than 444 certified farms operating on over 156,000 acres in 2010, bringing in over $106.46 million in farmgate sales in 2009, with over 7% projected growth; and

Whereas Oregon's organic agricultural trade, working with Oregon's state government, has been a leader in the development of United States organic trade, having passed the first organic legislation in the United States in 1973 and having revised the Oregon Organic Foods Law in 1989, which served as the model for eventual national organic standards; and
Whereas Oregon's organic agricultural trade has proven to be a constant innovator, having first published organic certification standards in 1987, first promoted a large-scale celebration of the trade when Governor Neil Goldschmidt declared the first Organically Grown in Oregon Week in 1988; and having first established a statewide advocacy group, Oregon Organic Coalition, to represent the trade to private and public interests.

THEREFORE:  I, John Kitzhaber, Governor of the State of Oregon, hereby proclaim
September 15-21, 2013 to be
Organically Grown in Oregon Week
in Oregon and encourage all Oregonians to join in this observance."

Get Involved

For more information about participating in Organically Grown in Oregon Week contact: Stacy Kraker, 541.246.1856 or by email.

Report any activities, special events or promotions you will be having and we will post them here! Check back regularly for updates on events.

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