Organically Grown in Oregon Week

September 11th - 17th 2016 has been declared Organically Grown in Oregon Week (OGOW) by Governor Kate Brown.  The Governor's action came at the request of the Oregon Organic Coalition, which will coordinate an agenda of activities throughout the week, all designed to celebrate Oregon's organic agriculture.

Governor's 2016 Proclamation

“Whereas: Oregon's organic agricultural trade is a vital segment of Oregon's economy, with more than 525 certified farms operating on over 204,166  acres in 2015, ranking eight in the nation for its number of organic farms, bringing in over $237 million in farmgate sales in 2015, with nearly 12% projected growth; and

Whereas: Oregon's organic agricultural trade, working with Oregon's state government, has been a leader in the development of U.S. organic trade, having passed the first organic standards legislation in the U.S. in 1973 and having revised the Oregon Organic Foods Law in 1989, which served as the model for eventual national organic standards; and

Whereas: Today dozens of Oregon crops are being grown organically, making organic foods more accessible to Oregonians than ever before at farmers’ markets and in a growing number of grocery stores.  


I, Kate Brown, Governor of the State of Oregon, hereby proclaim
September 11-17, 2016 to be
Organically Grown in Oregon Week
in Oregon and encourage all Oregonians to join in this observance.”

Get Involved

For more information about participating in Organically Grown in Oregon Week contact: Stacy Kraker, 541.246.1856 or by email.

Report any activities, special events or promotions you will be having and we will post them here! Check back regularly for updates on events. Learn more about OGOW Promotional Materials to be used during OGOW events here.

Awards for Excellence

The 2016 Awards for Excellence will be presented at the Oregon Organic Coalition’s annual awards luncheon at the Billy Frank Jr. Conference Center in the Jean Vollum Natural Capital Center, Ecotrust building on Tuesday, September 13th from 11:30 - 1:30 pm: 721 NW 9th Avenue, Suite 200 Portland, OR. Keynote address by Elise Higley, Director of Our Family Farms, a non-profit that works to protect family farms against the threats of genetically engineered crops. She was campaign manager for Our Family Farms Coalition in 2014 that fought to win the ban against GE crops in Jackson County, Oregon. She and her husband Jeff own and operate Oshala Farm in Applegate Valley where they grow 68 crops on 113 acres. Elise is passionate about bringing people together to work towards sustainable solutions that will preserve our agricultural heritage in Oregon. She works to educate and inspire value-based action into our community at large.